Chinese American WWII Vets

Your help is needed!  Contact your Senators and Representatives

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance is spearheading national support for passage of the Chinese American World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act, introduced as House of Representatives bill H.R. 2358 and Senate bill S.1050.

The Congressional Gold Medal is one of the nation’s highest civilian awards bestowed by Congress for distinguished achievements and contributions by individuals, groups or institutions. Filipino veterans recently received this honor October 25, 2017. Other World War II units honored with the Gold Medal include Native American code talkers and the Monuments Men who found and recovered countless artworks stolen by the Nazis.

C.A.C.A. is pursing this recognition for the Chinese American veterans who also served during World War II.  Begun in December 2016, the Chinese American WWII Veterans Recognition Project seeks the medal for the estimated 20,000 servicemen and women who volunteered or were drafted when the Chinese Exclusion Act was still in place (repealed in 1943).

Please help us in this effort by calling or writing to your Member of Congress and Senators, letting them know that you support a Congressional Gold Medal for Chinese American veterans of the Second World War. You could also help by calling or writing to your State Legislators and voicing your support for a Resolution honoring these veterans. Each household member over 18 should submit separately.

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You can check progress by the list of Senator co-sponsors for S.1050 found here and list of US Representative co-sponsors for H.R. 2358 here.

For information on this nationwide project, contact project coordinator Samantha Cheng, or visit

Click below to download sample ltrs/script to contact your senators/house of representatives. 

Sample ltr to House of Representative

Sample ltr to Senate

URGENT! Let’s get this done before the 2017-2018 congressional session concludes!

Thank you for your support!!